Témoinages clients

 <<Je remercie Christi pour la qualité de sa traduction et également sa réactivité quant aux changements de dernières minutes – a genuine well done !>>
Stéphane Tillement www.winetourinfrance.com

"C'est avec un professionnalisme confirmé et vraiment beaucoup de talent que Christi Bishop a su traduire en anglais notre site internet www.locationmaisonbasque.com  et y apporter "the touch" nécessaire pour que ce site de location saisonnière pour notre maison de campagne soit attrayant et devient une invitation au voyage dans notre si merveilleux pays basque", elle a toute notre gratitude pour son travail difficile, son écoute, sa gentillesse  et surtout le témoignage de son amitié inconditionnelle". 

"Hello Christi,
I just wanted to let you know that the letter you translated, together with my documentation resulted in a successful claim. The vet and the hospital involved have been found responsible and each have paid up for the costs and compensation. So we are very pleased with the outcome. Millie's piggy bank is nice and full now.
Thank you for your work and all well that ends well.
King regards,
Barbara Young

"Christi did a great job translating our website into French. It has helped increase our property rental bookings. A big thanks."
Kerry Boettcher www.alpujarraretreat.com

"Christi was an EXTRAORDINARY helpful person to me: as a professional transferring to Paris in the midst of a great work load, I needed multiple types of assistance, from real estate (finding an office) to translations of documents,  legal documents, to plumbers, electricians etc etc; through it all Christi solved EVERY problem with speed and supreme quality,  was  constantly available and reachable to answer all sorts of questions, and maintained her really outstanding graciousness and warmth! I keep referring to her as my “little angel in Paris”, for she was that!  What a precious resource she has been to me, and I hope, will continue to be for me, in France. She simply knows everything one needs to know, does everything with the highest level of competence, and through it all is this remarkably warm, gracious, kind person. Really: a jewel to have! My transition was seamless from a demanding  work load in New York to going back to Paris to resume work within two hours of landing, without a hitch, all thanks to Christi! Truly remarkable. I cannot recommend her strongly enough!"
Dr. Alicia Gil del Real, Phd